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How do I find a distributor?

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Product Repair

Who do I contact if my welding machine needs repair?

Lincoln Electric maintains a contracted network of factory authorized service facilities throughout North America. Searching for the nearest service location is easy at > Support > Service & Distributor Locations, or you can speak to a Service Representative by calling 1-888-935-3877.

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Will the factory authorized service facilities be familiar with the product I have purchased?

All Lincoln Electric Authorized Service Facilities employ technicians who are required to receive training at our factory service school. Lincoln Electric also requires technicians to attend periodic training updates for new products. 

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How can I be sure my service or repair issue will be handled quickly?

Lincoln Electric strives to keep our contracted repair facilities close to our customer needs by competitive compensation, on‐line entry of warranty claims, and next day delivery of replacement parts (ordered by 3:30 PM EST). 

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Does the factory have a telephone number to call, or an email address to use for service related questions about Lincoln Electric welding products?

You can speak with technicians at our Cleveland Ohio service hotline by calling 1-888-935-3877. Email questions can be forwarded through our “Ask the Experts” web portal. Please go to, and click on the Ask the Experts link in the upper right portion of screen.

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Can you send replacement parts directly to me and I will repair my machine?

Unfortunately, safety concerns and our contractual agreement with our service network prevent us from sending machine replacement parts directly to customers.

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